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As a child of Cuban immigrants who sacrificed their dreams for a better life, education became my beacon of hope growing up. Fueled by the desire to make a difference, I defied the odds and earned my Bachelor of Arts degree.

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Who are First Gens?

Federal definition indicates that first-generation students come from families where their biological parents did not complete a four-year college degree. When a first-generation college student graduates, they may become first-generation professionals who will encounter other firsts in their lifetime. At The First Gen Madrina, we recognize that this term and definition can be fluid.

We are open to supporting all first gens!


Why Should We Support First Gens?

1 in 2 undergraduate
students are first gen.

There is an increasing need to support students during their academic journey and beyond.

First-gens always need support as they encounter a lifetime of firsts!

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