First-Generation Programming Services


For Universities, Colleges, Companies, and Organizations:


Hand crafted workshops for students and professionals on topics.

Mentorship Program

Carefully crafted and implemented mentorship program created based on the needs of the particular program or university. Schedule consultation to learn more!

Customized Services

One-on-one consulting services and customized plans curated to meet the needs of the university or organization.

Topics include:

time management

mental health psychoeducation

imposter syndrome

burnout and self-care

first generation identity

transitioning to college

support for parents

and much more!

Available for speaking opportunities like keynotes and podcast recordings as well.

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Meet The Founder

As a child of Cuban immigrants who sacrificed their dreams for a better life, education became my beacon of hope growing up. Fueled by the desire to make a difference, I defied the odds and earned my Bachelor of Arts degree.

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