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Dear First Gens,
Happy March! This week on The First Gen Madrina podcast we start our new season Celebrating National Women’s History Month. In this season, we will focus on celebrating the powerful first-generation women that make up our community. Starting off the month strong, we meet with two badass Latinas, Dr. Nicole Pulliam, and Dr. Carolina Gonzalez, who are leaders in the higher education space. Their conversation led to taking a deep dive into identity and imposter syndrome within the First-Generation community.

Dr. Pulliam and Dr. Gonzalez: First Generation Badasses

Dr. P and Dr. C The First Gen Madrina

Dr. Pulliam returns to the podcast to help Sara interview Dr. Gonzalez about how she has navigated being a first-generation Latina throughout her education, career, and in her personal life. Dr. Carolina Gonzalez is a first-generation professional. Born in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Gonzalez moved to New York at 6 years old with her family. As the oldest of four children and the only girl, she was given a lot of responsibility and became an adult earlier than most. Despite this, she worked hard in school and graduated from SUNY New Paltz with her Bachelor’s degree and University of Albany where she earned her Master’s degree. Lastly, she earned her doctorate at Seton Hall University.
During their conversation, Dr. Gonzalez dove into her own experience of wrestling with feelings of not being good enough. She suggests we need to change our mindset and move away from a scarcity mindset. She also shows us how to see our own values, talents, and where we come. It is easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others!

Identity and Imposter Syndrome

Sara stresses how identity struggles and a scarcity mindset have long-term effects. She knows firsthand how this mindset affects more than just our wallets. As always, she stresses the importance of open conversations about identity and mental health, something that is often not talked about in the Hispanic community.
Throughout their conversation, Sara, Dr. Pulliam, and Dr. Gonzalez highlight the importance of having a supportive community to tackle these issues. Overall, they acknowledge that there are many systemic factors at play, like racism and patriarchy, that make it more difficult for a first gen to see who they truly are. Please know that you always have the support and community that you need right here! If you would like to work with Dr. Pulliam, visit her website

The First Gen Madrina

Sara The First Gen Madrina

If you are a University, College, Company or Organization, The First Gen Madrina offers workshops on a variety of topics (such as imposter syndrome, time management, managing burnout, building a self-care plan, etc..), custom built mentorship programs as well as customized services tailored to the needs of the client.

If you are a first-generation individual, join Sara, The First Gen Madrina, for individual coaching and/or group coaching. For first gens, the journey can often feel lonely but that does not mean that you are alone! Check out the Our Services tab on our website for more information!

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In conclusion, stay tuned to meet amazing first generation guests for the podcast, endless topics related to the first-gen experience and transformational coaching! Sara is your go to Madrina for all things first gen!

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