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Welcome back first gens!! It’s officially April which means it’s Financial Literacy Month! This week, we welcome back  financial planner, Christina Singh to discuss this month’s theme, Finance as a First Gen. In this episode, we talk about the unique challenges and experiences faced by first-generation individuals in managing their finances. We also dig deep into our personal money stories and the importance of addressing mental health in relation to finances.

Christina Singh

The First Gen Madrina

Christina always admired her parents’ dedication to building a business and providing for their family. It instilled in her a sense of pride and gratitude. However, she also acknowledges the pressure and expectations placed on first gens to succeed and support their families financially. In this episode, we discuss the need for open dialogue about money within the first-gen community. Both Sara and Christina emphasized the importance of breaking down societal taboos surrounding money and seeking professional support when needed. They highlight the value of understanding one’s financial situation, challenging the scarcity mindset, and taking proactive steps towards financial literacy and planning.

Finance as a First Gen

Christina also offers advice for those feeling stuck in their finances, encouraging them to reach out for help and engage in conversations with professionals who can provide guidance tailored to their individual circumstances. She stresses the importance of addressing mental health in relation to finances, acknowledging the emotional impact of financial stress and the need for self-care and support.

Sara and Christina discuss how difficult navigating finances as a first-generation individual can be. They emphasize the importance of acknowledging and addressing the emotional aspects of money management. Sara and Christina provide valuable resources for first-gen individuals striving to achieve financial stability and well-being.

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The First Gen Madrina

Sara The First Gen Madrina

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