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Dear First Gens,
Welcome back! As we continue to discuss Mental Health as a First Gen, we welcome Amina Mostafa to The First Gen Madrina Podcast. Amina is passionate about advocating for mental healthcare, especially for first-gen college students. Amina currently holds a master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology from William Paterson University of New Jersey. She is a founding board member of Generation Fearless. GF is a non-profit centered around supporting first-generation women navigating all stages of their lives through education and empowerment. Amina also works as a higher education administrator, where she primarily focuses on supporting marginalized students, many of whom are first-generation.

Amina Mostafa

Amina Mental Health as a first gen
Growing up as a first-generation American, Amina had to juggle the expectations of her Egyptian immigrant family with the pressures of American society. As the oldest of five siblings and the first in her family to go to college, Amina’s encountered a lot of obstacles she had not been taught to deal with. In many immigrant families, mental health can be a taboo topic, and Amina’s experience was no different. Finding a therapist who understood her cultural background was tough. “I couldn’t find a therapist who spoke Arabic within 250 miles,” Amina said. This challenge sparked her passion for mental health, leading her to become a licensed Associate Counselor and a doctoral student in Counseling and Supervision.

Mental Health as a First Gen

With the pandemic, many students faced financial challenges, lacked reliable Wi-Fi, and had to help their families while trying to keep up with their own online classes. When it comes to mental health, Amina stresses the importance of balance and setting boundaries. She advises students to take personal time, normalize going to therapy, and establish boundaries early to avoid burnout. This advice is essential for maintaining mental health and ensuring long-term success. For colleges, supporting first-gen students means recognizing their unique challenges and providing support systems. This includes culturally responsive mental health resources and policies that reflect an understanding of these students’ experiences.
In this episode, Amina reminds us that seeking help is a sign of strength, and mental health is just as important as academic success. She encourages students to reach out to their school’s counseling services or local nonprofits like Generation Fearless for more resources and support. For more information on Generation Fearless, please visit

The First Gen Madrina

Sara The First Gen Madrina

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Sara acknowledges that the term first gen can be fluid, so The First Gen Madrina is committed to supporting all first gens! This isn’t just about breaking barriers—it’s about providing unwavering support that propels individuals to embrace life’s challenges and triumphs.

In conclusion, stay tuned to meet amazing first-generation guests for the podcast, endless topics related to the first-gen experience and transformational coaching! Sara is your go to Madrina for all things first gen!

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