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Welcome back, First Gens and Happy July! This month, we begin our discussion on a new theme: Defying The Norm/Defying  Expectations. Being a first gen often means carrying the weight of expectations from family, community, and society. These expectations can sometimes act as invisible barriers, keeping us from exploring our true passions and reaching our full potential. This journey of defying expectations can be challenging but very rewarding.

Defying The Norm/Defying Expectations

As first gens, we may defy expectations within our family. Traditional family structures and cultural norms can put a lot of pressure on first gens to follow a certain path. For example, Sara shares that, as a Latina, there is often an expectation to follow a traditional life path: education, career, marriage, homeownership, and then children. This is not necessarily the right path for everyone. Some of us may decide not to marry or have children. Others may choose to wait until later in life in order to focus on personal growth or career development.

First gens may also commonly break the mold in education and career choices. While we are often pushed by our families to get an education and get a high paying job in medicine, law, or engineering, many first gens might look to other, less traditional career paths, such as social work, arts, or entrepreneurship. Moving away from home is another norm that many first gens defy. In many cultures, staying close to family is valued, and moving away can be seen as abandoning the family. However, for first gens, moving away can be a big part of gaining independence and personal growth. This move can be difficult for all involved, but can lead to a lot of self discovery as well. Overall, there will be many times where first gens may feel compelled to defy the expectations that have been set up for them.

Social Work with Sara

As always, we have to talk about mental health as well. There is a lot of pressure to conform to expectations from family and from society that can take a toll on mental health. There is research that shows that first gen students are at a higher risk for mental health issues compared to their peers. As always, Sara stresses the importance for her fellow first gens to seek support, whether through therapy, peer groups, or mentorship.

Defying expectations as a first gen is not easy. It requires resilience, courage, and a strong sense of self. While the journey may be filled with challenges, it is also filled with opportunities for growth, fulfillment, and paving the way for future generations. Remember that although the journey may feel lonely, you do not have to navigate it alone. You will always have a Madrina in your corner!

The First Gen Madrina

The First Gen Madrina

If you are a University, College, Company or Organization, The First Gen Madrina offers workshops on a variety of topics (such as imposter syndrome, time management, managing burnout, building a self-care plan, etc..), custom built mentorship programs as well as customized services tailored to the needs of the client.

Join Sara, The First Gen Madrina, for individual coaching and/or group coaching. The journey can often feel lonely but that does not mean that you are alone! Check out the Our Services tab on our website for more information!

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