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Welcome back, first gens! It’s still April, which means we’re keeping up with our theme of Finance as a First Gen! As first gens, we know a lot about the stigma finances can have on us and how much it can stress us out. This week, The First Gen Madrina podcast welcomes Viviana Vasquez, also known as the founder of OverGenPoverty.

Viviana Vazquez

Viv. V 2 The First Gen Madrina

Viviana’s story is truly one of resilience and perseverance. Growing up in a low-income household as the oldest daughter of immigrant parents, she witnessed firsthand the struggles of making ends meet. She saw her parents struggle and oftentimes had to step up and be the translator for them. From job insecurity to relying on government assistance, Viviana’s early years were marked by financial instability and uncertainty.

Her story is one we’re all too familiar with. After being told education is the key to success, Viviana was the first person in her family to attend college. Like most of us, she thought this was the way out of poverty. Yet, even with a degree in hand, the transition into the workforce was more challenging than she imagined.

Like many first-gens, Viviana didn’t have access to the networks and resources that could help her navigate the corporate world. She began working as a teacher and realized that she would not be able to become financially independent and support her family. She began applying for entry-level positions and despite these setbacks, she kept pushing forward, leveraging her skills and experiences to create her own successful career path. She was eventually able to pivot into a career in the tech industry where she instantly doubled her salary!


It is important to recognize the impact that financial trauma has on mental health. Growing up in poverty leaves a lasting mark; it’s something we never forget. Through therapy, reflection, and education, Viviana learned how to unpack her past traumas and develop a healthier relationship with money. She emphasizes the importance of seeking support and building a community with others that understand the unique challenges faced by first-gens. That is why she created her platform, OverGenPoverty.

Viviana’s story is one many of us can relate to and there is so much we can learn from her and her community. She encourages others to start small, whether it’s opening a high-yield savings account or seeking out free resources for financial education. By taking small steps and being persistent, Viviana teaches us that anyone can achieve financial stability and empowerment.

Viviana’s journey from poverty to success offers valuable insights for first gens facing similar challenges. Her story highlights the importance of resilience, self-education, and community support in overcoming financial trauma and building a brighter future. As Viviana continues to empower others through her platform, OverGenPoverty, she serves as an inspiration to all of us trying to achieve financial independence. You can follow Viviana here

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