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Dear First Gens! Welcome back! It’s a new week where we continue to discuss this month’s theme, Pivoting as a First Gen. In this week’s episode, we welcome Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda, a formidable leader in multicultural and bilingual business strategy.

Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda

Ashley blends her rich Mexican and French heritage with over a decade of expertise in business development, community marketing, and communications. She’s a best-selling author and a compelling speaker, known for her groundbreaking Spanglish book, “Jefa in Training: The Business Startup Toolkit for Entrepreneurial and Creative Women.” Celebrated by influential figures such as Eva Longoria, Ashley’s work offers support to the next generation of Latina entrepreneurs. It was Ashley’s book that pushed Sara to pivot and start her own business, making this interview a full-circle moment as Sara recently celebrated two years of The First Gen Madrina.

The First Gen Madrina Ashley Pivoting as a first gen

Ashley grew up in Queens, New York, which significantly shaped her worldview and approach to business. Her multicultural background provided her with a unique perspective that she uses often in her work today. Ashley tells us about her journey and how pivoting got her to where she is today. Starting from her early days in a performing arts high school with dreams of becoming a singer, she explored many different roles in the music industry. Eventually, she transitioned into business development and community marketing, which ultimately led her towards entrepreneurship and where she is today. She even built a nonprofit, Woman Crush Music, which has created many opportunities for women songwriters globally and showcased her ability to build and lead communities.

Ashley’s story also highlights the importance of having a personal “why.” This is what has driven her to create opportunities for others like her—first gen creatives and entrepreneurs.  As she moved on from the nonprofit to full-time consulting and being an author, her mission was clear: to empower others through community building and resource sharing. Ashley advises us tap into your community, conduct research, or seek out new learning opportunities when thinking about pivoting.

Jefa In Training

Ashley’s book, “Jefa in Training,” is a great resource for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs alike. It’s essentially a guide written in Spanglish, filled with practical tools and frameworks to help launch and grow a business. The book’s workbook format encourages readers to actively engage with the content, making it easier to apply the lessons to each individual’s situations.

Ashley’s journey shows us the importance of staying true to one’s purpose. Her story reminds us that while the path may be challenging, it is also filled with opportunities for growth and success. Learn more about Ashley here

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