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We’re continuing our discussion on this month’s topic, Pivoting as a First Gen, by welcoming special guest, Kathleen Ribeiro! Kathleen was born to Brazilian parents in New York and raised in Massachusetts, where she navigated the difficulties of growing up as a first-generation American. From a young age, Kathleen found herself assisting her parents with tasks like making phone calls and filling out paperwork for them, due to their language barrier. At the time, she didn’t realize then how common this was for a first gen and child of immigrants.

Kathleen Ribeiro

Kathleen Pivoting as a first gen The first gen Madrina


Kathleen initially pursued a career in nursing, a field that she hoped would provide stability and fulfillment. However, she quickly pivoted when she left college to support her family’s auto body business. For a decade, she dedicated herself to every aspect of the business, from payroll to customer service, learning many skills that would later become extremely valuable. However, what really took Kathleen’s journey to a pivot came when her father made a series of decisions that led to the loss of the family business. Faced with the collapse of what she had believed would be her legacy, Kathleen found herself at a crossroads. Nevertheless she persisted, and it was then that she decided that pivoting would be the best option. She knew she had to leverage her experience and skills running the family business to start her own venture.

Kathleen’s next pivot led her to the world of virtual assistance, performing administrative tasks for various businesses. As she learned more, she discovered a passion for systems and project management. She soon became a ClickUp expert and developed her own business systems. Today, Kathleen runs her own successful business, helping female business owners streamline their operations and regain their time and freedom.

Pivoting as a First Gen

But Kathleen’s journey didn’t stop there. Recently, she made another bold pivot by relocating to Tennessee to support her best friend and her family. This decision, driven by a need for personal peace and a different environment, shows the flexibility and freedom she has gained through her entrepreneurial journey. Kathleen’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of pivoting when needed. It highlights how transferable skills, resilience, and a willingness to embrace change can open new doors and lead to unexpected opportunities. Her advice to those contemplating a major life change is simple: “Just do it.” By taking that leap of faith, you can create a life that aligns with your passions and goals.
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