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Welcome back, First Gens!

We are wrapping up this month’s theme, Pivoting as a First Gen! In this episode, Sara shares her own story and experiences with pivoting by diving into the story of her own family and how their pivoting led to where she is today.

As Sara reflects on her family’s history, she realizes that she would not be here today if pivoting had not been passed down through generations. Her grandparents, both on her mother’s and father’s side, made the courageous decision to leave their home country of Cuba in search of a better life. They fled the communist regime of Fidel Castro, leaving behind their homes, businesses, families, and everything they knew to start a new and better life for themselves and their families.

Sara shares the story of how her grandfather, who once owned a convenience store, found himself in a position where he had to get creative to support his family. With government restrictions making it impossible to obtain supplies, he and Sara’s aunt would go into the woods, risking their safety to gather palm fibers. These fibers were then be crafted into scrubbing brushes, a small but vital way to sustain their livelihood. This story of resilience and ingenuity is a testament to the power of pivoting out of necessity until they were safe to leave.

Pivoting as a First Gen

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When Sara’s family arrived in the United States, they faced another monumental pivot. Without speaking English and no safety net, they had to rebuild their lives from scratch. Her grandfather worked long hours in a factory, while her grandmother took care of neighborhood children. They hustled on weekends, reselling purses to make extra money, and her dad and aunts took on part-time jobs to contribute to the household. Through all their hard work, they were able to carve out their version of the American Dream.

The most important lesson Sara learned from her family’s journey is that while they pivoted out of necessity, she now has the privilege to pivot with purpose. Their sacrifices and resilience have paved the way for her to embrace change and pursue her passions. As first-gens, we often find ourselves in uncharted territories, but it’s important to remember that we can pivot with intention and vision.

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Pivoting is a fundamental aspect of navigating new territories, embracing change, and pursuing our dreams with purpose and resilience. It is about embracing uncertainty, having the courage to deviate from expectations, and adapting to new challenges. It’s about breaking away from the status quo and forging our own paths. Throughout history, first-gen individuals have faced countless obstacles, yet they have learned to adapt, innovate, and thrive.

In our journey, we must be patient and kind to ourselves. Things don’t always go as planned, and that’s okay. Remember, pivoting is not a sign of failure but a powerful step toward growth and success.  To learn more, connect with Sara through her Instagram here:

The First Gen Madrina

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