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Welcome back, First Gens, and happy June!
This week, I have an exciting announcement to make! Last month, I did my very first solo episode where I talked more about my mental health journey. Well, due to the amazing feedback, I will now be rolling out two solo episodes each month! I hope this will help everyone get to know me a little bit better and, the podcast will still feature two guests each month to learn from other first-gen journeys and perspectives.
As we begin a new month, the theme for June is Pivoting as a First Gen. I hope my story will inspire everyone to take a look at their journey and see if a pivot might be necessary. This advice isn’t just for those considering a pivot from a traditional 9-to-5 job to entrepreneurship. Pivoting can happen in many areas—changing jobs, relationships, education, financial management, relocating, or pursuing a passion. My journey with pivoting started when I decided to make a big change and leave the only home I had ever known, New Jersey, and move to Florida. This was a huge change for my family and I as it is something I had never done before. They felt as if I was abandoning them, which of course wasn’t the case.
The pandemic played a big role in my decision to leave. I was working in child welfare in New York City, at the time, and was commuting from New Jersey—an almost three-hour round trip each day. When the world shut down and I started working from home, I began to realize how much that commute affected my life. I craved a lower paced life and more time to do things that I enjoy. This ultimately led to my decision to pack my bags and move to Florida.
After my move, I decided to make another pivot and leave my 9-to-5 job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. This was a major shift since I had never run a business full-time before. I had to take on multiple roles—worker, assistant, marketer, accountant, boss, and more. Impostor syndrome often crept in, but I learned not to let it deter me. Pivoting involves taking risks and learning from setbacks. It’s okay to veer off the path others have laid out for you. Your journey is unique, and each pivot is an opportunity to learn, grow, and define success for yourself. My advice for the first-gen community looking to pivot is to take baby steps. It can be anxiety-provoking, but small steps can build motivation and confidence.
As a social worker, I also encourage everyone to take care of themselves during this time. Connect with supports and a community that will cheer you on. I am on a mission to help first gens overcome their limiting beliefs, reframe their mindset, and start living the life of their dreams. Follow my journey on instagram!

Take The Leap: Unleashing Your Potential

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Remember, just because this journey may feel lonely doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone! You will always have a Madrina in your corner!

Hasta pronto!

Sara, The First Gen Madrina