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Welcome back, first gens! Continuing this month’s theme, Supporting First Gens, we welcome Elijah, a student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Elijah is studying Neuroscience and Statistics and aspires to be a Physician/Scientist. He is also involved in research at Harvard Medical School and BYU, creating a machine-learning model for Parkinson’s disease. Elijah is also cohost of the FReal Talk podcast. Wow! We are so impressed!

Elijah Davis

Elijah The First Gen Madrina

Elijah’s story is one of resilience and determination, marked by the challenges he faced as a foster child originally from Canada. Despite the uncertainty during his teenage years, he found inspiration in his new surroundings, igniting a passion for education and leading him to college, which wasn’t always in the plans for him. College was an opportunity that emerged from the support of his new family and the community he found in Arizona. Stepping onto BYU’s campus, he encountered the familiar feeling of uncertainty that often accompanies the first-generation college experience. 

However, Elijah didn’t let uncertainty hold him back. He dove headfirst into campus life, immersing himself in clubs and organizations where he found a common bond with fellow first-generation college students. It is here that he discovered his purpose: to create a support network for the first-generation community.

First Gen United

With this, First Gen United was born—a platform for sharing experiences, offering guidance, and fostering connections between undergraduates and professionals. Elijah shares with us how his own mentorship experience exemplified the power of such connections, prompting him to reach out to others through LinkedIn and gather a diverse array of stories and advice. 

In the future, First Gen United aims to expand its reach, offering resources to alleviate financial burdens and facilitate mentorship opportunities. Elijah dreams of partnering with businesses to create scholarships, providing tangible support to students facing similar challenges. 

During our Social Work With Sara segment, we ask Elijah what he does to stay motivated. He shares with us that his ability to seek support and dream big serves as an inspiration to others, reminding them that no goal is too far. Elijah also prioritizes self-care, drawing strength from his support system and the knowledge that his work is making a difference. Through First Gen United, he hopes to empower future generations to dream big and defy the odds, just as he has done. You can find First Gen United here

The First Gen Madrina

If you are a University, College, Company or Organization, The First Gen Madrina offers workshops on a variety of topics (such as imposter syndrome, time management, managing burnout, building a self-care plan, etc..), custom built mentorship programs as well as customized services tailored to the needs of the client.

Sara The First Gen Madrina

If you are a first-gen individual, join Sara, The First Gen Madrina, for individual coaching and/or group coaching. For first gens, the journey can often feel lonely but that does not mean that you are alone! Check out the Our Services tab on our website for more information!

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Sara acknowledges that the term first gen can be fluid, so The First Gen Madrina is committed to supporting all first gens! This isn’t just about breaking barriers—it’s about providing unwavering support that propels individuals to embrace life’s challenges and triumphs.

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