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Dear First Gens,

Welcome to The First Gen Madrina Blog! We are nearing the end of the first month of the year, which also brings us to our next guests for The First Gen Madrina Podcast! Today, we welcome The Dream Lab, a coaching community & podcast created to help women re-ignite their purpose, founded by Self- Made Mujeres Audrey Diaz Robles and Sabrina Castillo.
The First Gen Madrina episode with The Dream Lab

Audrey and Sabrina:

In this episode of The First Gen Madrina podcast, we learn more about Audrey and Sabrina’s journeys as first gens. To start, Audrey is a fellow first gen with over 10 years of coaching experience helping Latina women build confidence in themselves by creating solid habits. Born to Dominican parents, Audrey understands first-hand how daughters of immigrants are prone to struggle with indecision, setting boundaries, and finding their voice. Life coaching for Audrey was a result of her own evolution, from years of marketing in the music industry to helping run her family’s three supermarkets where she is still a partner today. Through her framework, she helps women to build out grounding techniques that nurture their mind, body, and soul. Audrey takes a holistic approach to ensure that her clients are thriving as a whole, and not just in the workplace.
Sabrina is a first gen dynamic life, leadership and business coach who empowers and guides women throughout their highest aspirations. Her journey is marked by a diverse background that includes over 18 years in marketing strategy, a certified John Maxwell coach, and a successful entrepreneurial career including co-founding the Dream Lab. As a mother of two, she understands the challenges of balancing family and career aspirations, making her an empathetic and effective coach for working moms. Sabrina’s mission is to support women who are looking to navigate the complexities of modern professional life with unshakable belief, purpose, and powerful vision.

The First Gen Madrina 1st blog post

The Dream Lab:

In this episode, you will learn how Audrey and Sabrina followed their dreams, which led them to go to college and work in the music industry. After years of pursuing their careers and starting families, they wondered what else there was? How could they move on to pursuing their dreams? Ultimately, this led them to reconnect and start The Dream Lab. During this episode, Audrey and Sabrina share insights into their morning routines and time management strategies.  Overall, this dynamic duo acknowledged that life’s equilibrium is not a constant but a series of evolving seasons where priorities may shift.
As these trailblazing first-gen women continue to inspire through The Dream Lab, they invite you to join a community dedicated to personal and professional growth. Continuing with our theme of New Beginnings, Audrey and Sabrina unveiled exciting plans for the Self-Made Mujer conference on March 23rd in NYC. The conference celebrates its fifth year under the theme “Living Your Wildest Dreams.” With the conference, it promises to be an intimate space where influential women share vulnerabilities, fears, and triumphs, fostering a community that transcends the virtual realm. Sara will be in attendance for the conference and cannot wait to share space with these amazing women! Learn more about the conference here

The First Gen Madrina: 

If you are a University, College, Company or Organization, The First Gen Madrina offers workshops on a variety of topics (such as imposter syndrome, time management, managing burnout, building a self-care plan, etc..), custom built mentorship programs as well as customized services tailored to the needs of the client.

The First Gen Madrina services page

Hey First Gens! If you are a first-gen individual, join Sara, The First Gen Madrina, for individual coaching and/or group coaching. For first gens, the journey can often feel lonely but that does not mean that you are alone! Check out the Our Services tab on our website for more information!
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Stay tuned for a busy 2024 filled with amazing first-gen guests for the podcast, endless topics related to the first-gen experience and transformational coaching! Sara is your go to Madrina for all things first gen!
¡Hasta pronto!
Sara, The First Gen Madrina