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Dear First Gens,

Welcome to The First Gen Madrina Blog! We have made it to the first episode of this month with a special first-gen guest! We continue the conversation on “New Beginnings” with Yanet, a self-mastery coach and speaker. Yanet shares her incredible story of leaving her home country of Cuba for a better life at a young age. With family back home, Yanet felt compelled to receive her education and start her career to help support her family. After years of working as an engineer, Yanet began to feel unfulfilled and unhappy. She found herself questioning if her career was a right fit for her. As a first gen, Yanet did not have the immediate resources or information on making a career move. After discovering her love for helping others, she found supports that allowed her to transition into becoming a self-mastery coach. Yanet now finds herself feeling fulfilled and proud of her career.

Throughout Yanet’s journey, she has overcome many obstacles as she transitioned from a corporate career to entrepreneurship. Discover how she found clarity, courage, and confidence to pursue her wildest dreams. Join us on this podcast that celebrates new beginnings, reinvention, and the resilience of first-generation individuals. Gain insights, motivation, and practical tips as we embark on journeys of self-discovery and empowerment. Tune in now and be inspired to rewrite your narrative and step into a life of abundance.

Yanet Borrego

As The First Gen Madrina, it is not only my passion but also my duty to educate and empower first-generation individuals by providing them with invaluable resources and support on their journeys. This episode holds a special place in my heart as it serves as a beacon of hope for all first gens. Through Yanet’s transformative story, we emphasize that the possibilities for success and fulfillment are endless. My ultimate goal is to inspire first-generation individuals to broaden their horizons, reminding them that there is so much more out there than we often realize. I encourage you not to limit yourself, to dream boldly, and to focus on what truly brings you happiness. Together, let’s navigate the path of new beginnings and rewrite our narratives for a future filled with abundance and achievement. You do not want to miss this episode!
First Gens, get ready for an entire month filled of incredible “New Beginning” stories. I encourage you to think about what your new beginning will be this year!

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The First Gen Madrina

If you are a University, College, Company or Organization, The First Gen Madrina offers workshops on a variety of topics (such as imposter syndrome, time management, managing burnout, building a self-care plan, etc..), custom built mentorship programs as well as customized services tailored to the needs of the client.

If you are a first-gen individual, join Sara, The First Gen Madrina, for individual coaching and/or group coaching. For first gens, the journey can often feel lonely but that does not mean that you are alone! Check out the Our Services tab on our website for more information!

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Stay tuned for a busy 2024 filled with amazing first-gen guests for the podcast, endless topics related to the first-gen experience and transformational coaching! Sara is your go to Madrina for all things first gen!

¡Hasta pronto!

Sara, The First Gen Madrina